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19th - 25th July 2016: Carroll/ Fletcher Onscreen

Following the premiere at Close-Up cinema 'Feminist Porn Filmmakers' will be available to watch online at Carroll/Fletcher Onscreen. Follow the link above and watch this space for info the following online screening programme, Sex: Arousal & Affect.

Tue 12th July 2016: Sex: Work & Play, Carroll/ Fletcher @ Close-Up

My documentary will have it's London premiere at Close-Up cinema in Shoreditch as part of the Carroll / Fletcher Onscreen Young Filmmakers season. It will feature 'Feminist Porn Filmmakers' as well as work by Ann Hirsch and Melanie Bonajo. The screening is at 8pm and includes a post-show discussion with myself, philosoher Petra van Brabandt and the Ethical Stripper Stacey Clare. For more info and to buy tickets please follow the link above.

{Feminist Porn Filmmakers - Click to Watch in Full}

This is the first documentary I've made and it premiered at the 10th annual Porn Film Festival Berlin last October. It also won 'Best Documentary Short' at Cinekink 2016. Featuring interviews with the filmmakers/ performers; Jiz Lee, Ms Naughty, Pandora Blake, Yvette Luhrs, Maria Bala, Lucie Blush, Alyx & Audrey Fox - as well as footage of talks from last year's festival by directors Shine Louise Houston and Petra Joy. The film explores definitions of 'feminist porn', shows examples of the filmmakers work and discusses issues around genderqueer visibility, sex education, internet piracy and censorship. Other topics covered include; toxic masculinity, feminist interpretations of BDSM and the positive impact of pornography for alternative & minority communities.


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