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Rumination Therapy (2014 - 2017) detail & install view

Dimensions variable - Embroidered cotton


Rumination is defined as repetitive, self-focused, negative thinking. Obsessing over failures, reliving misfortunes from the past and the inability to escape from destructive thought patterns. 

Rumination Therapy was a three-year long process of translation, first from one language to another and then from inked paper to embroidered cotton. The one hundred and forty-five pieces of fabric show the slow deciphering of eighty-four Bulgarian quotes given to me by my grandmother. Having left Bulgaria at the age of four, my vocabulary of my mother tongue remains stunted. Each stitched red gap represents my search through a dictionary to fill the gaps in my knowledge. My mistakes and misunderstandings are also sewn in red, with different shades for my own writings and the corrections I sought from my parents once the first translation was complete.